Gallery - ElRobledalDeLaSanta


HEre you have some Pictures of our Goats, work or events. HAve a little Sneak peek or view into our day to day. For more day to day updates check our intagram @RobledalMohair or our hashtags #RobledalYArn or #RobledalMohair

Hand dyed Mohair Locks

Viv's Locks, washed and hand dyed.

Harriet's Fleece

Parker, our little Teddy Bear. (August 2017)

Jean'Louis our wether boy. (August 2017)

Harriet (August 2017)

Charlotte (August 2017)

Our Angora Goats, Autumn 2017

Our Super Lush Sock base. #RobledalYarn

This is our Silk ME, 50% Merino & 50% Silk hand dyed. #RobledalYarn

Our selection of hand dyed yarn. #RobledalYarn

Our Mohair yarn, hand dyed.

Diana (December 2017)

Harriet (November 2017)

Colette (October 2017)

Our Angora Goats in November 2017, before shearing.